There are also a lot of other discussion boards and Web-sites that counsel that the mSATA/optical ports are SATA 3, and that the operator's manual is incorrect. I will never itemize them here given that they're not authoritative, but you can find adequate smoke to counsel that there may be a fire.Could you clarify a bit what result you want to real… Read More

وتبرئ سانديسك ذمتها من كافة المصاريف والكفالات الضمنية إلى أقصى حد يجيزه القانون. وإذا تعذر على سانديسك إبراء ذمتها من أي كفالات ضمنية بموجب القانون النافذ، فعندها تكون تلك الكفالات الضمنية م… Read More

In case you are knowledgeable with hacking/porting Linux and particularly if you are expert with porting Android, I would certainly love to hear from you.“We believe the best strategy for marketing is owning an outstanding product, but right this moment, it’s tough to match what we’re offering around the Android System.”Once you set your t… Read More